Industrial Relations Consulting and Support Services 

Due to an on-going demand among our clients, True Lies now offers an Industrial Relations Consulting and Support service. Although integrated in so far as understanding our methodologies and expertise, Mr. Leon Nothnagel (LNCS) operates independently from True Lies to offer highly competent, objective support, on which we are happy to rely. 

This can be tailored to a monthly retainer to meet your business requirements or once-off investigative and/or project related consultations and/or support. 

Industrial Relations Consulting Services 

We understand the everyday challenges of managing a business. You need to stay focused on what you do, and readily adapt to the needs of your customers in order to remain competitive and retain market share. All change, whether it is through growth, restructuring, products, mergers, downsizing or financially, impacts on employees in some way. Structured and legislatively compliant policies, practices and processes provide the support the business needs to facilitate such change and/or manage daily operations. 

True Lies can now provide our clients with this much needed support. We can help you to build a solid foundation which will in turn enable good people practices and also ensure that your business maintains its integrity while at the same time, minimize risk where possible.   

Industrial Relations Support and Advice 

It is inevitable that at some or other time employees in your business will not tow the line and transgress. When this happens, emotionally charged/flawed decisions can mean that correct procedures as prescribed by labour legislation are not followed. This can result in such matters being referred to the CCMA, where accusations of unfair dismissal can result in a costly embarrassment. With the necessary experience and skill, True Lies can now assist and support you with such labour issues from the onset, effectively avoiding such situations from arising at all. 

Industrial Relations Services 

  • Assistance and advice with Disciplinary Procedures and Warnings 
  • Assistance and advice with Disciplinary Hearings and Appeals 
  • Chairing of Internal Disciplinary Hearings and Appeal Hearings 
  • Assistance and advice with CCMA ConArb, Conciliation and/or Arbitration Preparation 
  • Drafting of HR Policies and Procedures 

Recruitment: Personal Profile Analysis and Psychometric Assessments Services 

True Lies utilizes the Internationally Accredited Thomas International behavioural assessment PPA (Personal Profile Analysis) that provides very accurate insight into how people behave within any given work environment, thus giving you a greater level of certainty when recruiting, identifying where to maximise your learning and development budget while at the same time, understanding where to boost morale to avoid a large staff turnover. 

Such insight also enables you to spend less time managing your underperformers and focus more time on those who will truly drive your business forward. Thomas PPA takes only 8 minutes to complete. You are then immediately provided with an initial profile, detailing a person’s strengths and limitations, their communication style, their value to the business, what motivates them, their basic fears and how they behave under pressure.  

Once a PPA has been completed, you have instant access to 18 additional reports that enable you to match people to jobs, screen CVs effectively, manage, coach, develop and train your people. 

Specific Psychometric Assessments 

Additional Specific Psychometric and GIOTTO Integrity Assessment can be arranged on request. 

Feel free to discuss any such requirement you may have with us. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact Mr. Nothnagel directly via the LNCS (Leon Nothnagel Consultancy Services) website at