Two of our staff have been trained as Certified Biometric Officers and are thus able to take fingerprints for the purpose of obtaining criminal clearance certificates, directly from the SAP database in Pretoria. The entire process takes no longer than 15 minutes. All that is required is for clients to bring their Identity document along with them to the appointment and complete a consent form, which can downloaded from our site or which will be provided by this office. True Lies is also a member of Southern Africa’s Background Screening market leader, MIE. This allows us the ability to provide a vast range of services, including but not limited to:

Using the statistics generated in just one large project, which saw us engaging potential candidates on a daily basis over a three year period, we can say without a doubt that this is one of the best tools to use in pro-active risk management. Not only was our success rate relative to the exposure of risk over 80%, but we also saw positive outcomes in so far as the stabilisation of the work force, general elevation of work ethics, as well as huge reduction in shrinkage. (R400K in the first year alone) 

Crime Scene Forensics

True Lies provides a host of services in terms of crime scene forensics. From basic fingerprint examinations to collection of various forms of evidence, the recording of the scene via photographs and/or plans, etc. 

Having consulted in various high-profile cases, the Marietjie de Klerk murder, Dina Rodrigues – baby Jordon Lee Norton murder, the Inge Lotz murder, to name a few, our resident expert Mike Grace is a highly accredited Fingerprint Expert, Forensic Examiner of Crime Scenes and a Forensic Photographer. He consults exclusively on behalf of True Lies in so far as these role-functions. His credentials, listed below, speak for themselves, as do his various competencies.  

True Lies only makes use of properly accredited experts in this field, who are able to testify in respect of results achieved. We are able to deal with and process various forms of crime scene evidence, including but not limited to finger print analysis. Often forensic evaluation of a crime scene is the most cost effective way of dealing with any given scenario and the forensic evidence collected in this way is extremely powerful, when presented as evidence.

Our investigators are ready for deployment for this purpose and our background as serious and violent crime specialists enable us to comprehensively manage such processes.

Our investigative services are results driven, which is tracked on regular basis.

This includes ground level investigative work, witness interviews, forensic scene management and analysis, tracking and tracing of suspects, preparation of investigative dockets for processing of criminal charges and of course, regular feedback reports to our clients. We also have the capacity and experience to successfully track any on-going SAP investigations through all the relevant court processes, from summons to convictions.

Recruitment: Personal Profile Analysis and Psychometric Assessments Services 

True Lies utilizes the Internationally Accredited Thomas International behavioural assessment PPA (Personal Profile Analysis) that provides very accurate insight into how people behave within any given work environment, thus giving you a greater level of certainty when recruiting, identifying where to maximise your learning and development budget while at the same time, understanding where to boost morale to avoid a large staff turnover. 

Such insight also enables you to spend less time managing your underperformers and focus more time on those who will truly drive your business forward. Thomas PPA takes only 8 minutes to complete. You are then immediately provided with an initial profile, detailing a person’s strengths and limitations, their communication style, their value to the business, what motivates them, their basic fears and how they behave under pressure.  

Once a PPA has been completed, you have instant access to 18 additional reports that enable you to match people to jobs, screen CVs effectively, manage, coach, develop and train your people. 

Specific Psychometric Assessments 

Additional Specific Psychometric and GIOTTO Integrity Assessment can be arranged on request. 

Feel free to discuss any such requirement you may have with us. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact Mr. Nothnagel directly via the LNCS (Leon Nothnagel Consultancy Services) website at


Personal Profile Analysis

PPA Certificate of Registration
This registration was granted on 09/12/2015 and is valid until 02/11/2020
PPA Managers Guide
Management is nothing more than motivating other people

Complete resolution of any given polygraph requirement will always be our priority and remains our primary focus during any such undertaking.

The mere issuing of a passed or failed polygraph examination result will often do little to achieve this goal. Our resolution rate, as tracked on a monthly basis since 2009, fluctuates around an 89% average.

True Lies polygraph Examiners are all professionally trained criminal Investigators, who are fully accredited and conduct all examinations to international standards.

They only use the latest technologies and research available in this field, which they apply to any given investigative scenario. Continued education is a prerequisite of all those attached to the True Lies office and advanced polygraph courses are undertaken on a regular basis. Our Cape Town operating region and contact base is extensive, covering a vast number of fields.

Our Investigators have the ability and expertise to conduct forensic assessments on subjects who refuse polygraph testing. Using various conventional interrogative techniques, as well as multiple forms of criminal and background screening, a comprehensive evaluation of such subjects can be achieved. In this way, inconsistencies in evidence, elevated risk and/or serious breaches of trust can be highlighted without any negative precedents being set, or unnecessary cancellation costs being incurred. This capability is not the norm within the industry as a whole.

The polygraph is an exceptional investigative tool when utilised ethically and as prescribed by the American Polygraph Association, to international standards. Administered correctly by a properly skilled professional, the polygraph can be applied within a multitude of scenarios and environments where any one of the following outcomes is critical:

1. Proactive risk management within any field.

2. The on-going monitoring and/or management of internal risk within a given environment.

3. Reactive risk management in so far as the investigation of any internal risk and/or crime specific event.

The following list some instances where we have used polygraph testing effectively to identify and resolve various concerns relevant to the management of crime and/or risk within a given environment:

Pro-active applications:

  • Recruitment of staff: Very specific processes have been formulated to prevent the injection of unnecessary risk to the working environment by the introduction of high-risk individuals. These include comprehensive screening and verification processes, using polygraph.
  • Job application screening and confirmation of qualifications.
  • Security related issues, prior to placement of staff in sensitive positions.
  • Routine testing to establish criminal activity and maintain sound work ethics within any given environment.
  • Criminal screening of prospective applicants.
  • Various electronic data-base enquiries and screening capabilities.
  • Identity Document verification.

On-going risk management: 

  • Safeguarding of intellectual property: Polygraph testing can be used to regularly vet staff who have access to critical information in order not only to protect but also to deter any level of corruption within such high-risk environments.
  • Monitoring of high-risk environments: By engaging staff on a random, on-going basis, a platform is created whereby the early detection of risk within any given working environment is effectively created, which otherwise would not be the case, leading to a vast reduction in illicit activity within the given setting.

Reactive applications:

  • Screening of potential suspects: When used correctly by a well-trained and properly skilled investigator, the use of the polygraph test can not only assist in identifying viable persons of interest but also greatly reduce the focus of any given investigative process, greatly reducing the time and resources needed to successfully address such matters.
  • Evaluation of evidence: Polygraph testing has the added ability to assist investigators in correctly quantifying various forms of evidence and in so doing, expedite such processes by avoiding unnecessary investigative avenues from being pursued.
  • Internal disciplinary investigations: The use of this tool can quite easily resolve and/or clarify any given aspect of evidence offered by those engaged in such processes and/or bring clarity in so far as disputed aspects of any such undertaking.
  • Official SAP investigations: Where required, our investigators have the ability to shadow any official police investigation and assist with such processes in any of the ways mentioned above, using both conventional investigative techniques, as well as polygraph testing.
  • The investigation and resolution of any criminal event and/or action. This includes tracking on-going police investigations.
  • Collection of evidence and forensic interviewing of any given subject, involved in the incident under scrutiny.
  • Forensic crime scene investigations, including but not limited to fingerprint examinations.
  • Exploration and exposure of syndicated criminal activity within any given scenario.
  • Recovery of stolen goods.
  • Tracing of suspects and/or missing persons/family members.
  • Resolution of any disciplinary matter – where facts are contested or where single witness evidence complicates such a process.
  • Sexual harassment and/or related offences.
  • Drug or substance abuse issues including drug testing.
  • Specific issue polygraph testing of any nature.
  • Exploration of conflicting evidence including alibi verification.
  • Criminal screening and/or finger print elimination of any given subject.
  • Insurance claim verification.

Of extreme importance to note is that the value of the aforementioned processes rests on three critical facets: 

1. The legality of the administration of all testing done and the means by which relevant evidence is obtained.

2. The skill set of the examiner/investigator engaged to undertake such processes with specific reference to appropriate investigative     experience and understanding of the laws of criminal procedure and evidence.

3. The ability of the examiner to resolve failed polygraph outcomes, without which the use and scope thereof becomes                             disproportionately limited.

Industrial Relations Consulting and Support Services 

Due to an on-going demand among our clients, True Lies now offers an Industrial Relations Consulting and Support service. Although integrated in so far as understanding our methodologies and expertise, Mr. Leon Nothnagel (LNCS) operates independently from True Lies to offer highly competent, objective support, on which we are happy to rely. 

This can be tailored to a monthly retainer to meet your business requirements or once-off investigative and/or project related consultations and/or support. 

True Lies is able to generate social media profile reports, using various platforms available to us. This skill has proven to be invaluable in terms of the conventional investigations we undertake, where we are able to generate information which would  otherwise remain unknown or undiscovered. Please contact our office directly with your specific requirement 

Our office only works in conjunction with ex-government agents, where the insertion of such an operative is required.

Drawing from our extensive experience in undercover operations, we are able to task and manage informants and agents equally, to achieve the best results. Our undercover operations have yielded phenomenal successes in terms of infiltrating syndicates within warehousing operations and similar working environments.